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Tommy Bolin, Wickipedia

Reviewed by Ian Douglas

With great anticipation I purchased this publication (compilation actually) of Wikepedia articles.

I received it in timely fashion as was still enthused about it - but honestly from the second page onwards I was literally stumped as to what this purports to be.

I have followed Tommy Bolin as closely as possible since 1975 when the Deep Purple album Come Taste the Band and also the solo album Teaser were released. I also saw him at the Sydney Hordern Pavilion shows three nights in a row and have well over 30 Tommy/related CD's and many LP's. Indeed the excellent Geffen Box set was the first CD's I ever purchased and treasure the booklet therein. That is about 1,280 times better and more useful than this.

There is virtually (actually) no editorial linkage or conceptual themes emerging within this 'book.' I would not call it a book. I could have done far better printing articles from Wiki or other sites myself. There are some bizarre inclusions artist-wise Doogie White for goodness' sake? Ritchie Blackmore? Very little is said as to any supposed linkages of these artists to Tommy's music. Yes Doogie did have a song or was it an album (I only played it once) called Come Taste the Band but it certainly wasn't up to much. Meanwhile Ritchie has been playing Pixie with his medievil interpretations (endless expansions on one very limited and throwaway theme)... and most surely is not interested in Deep Purple or any of the artists formerly therein.

There is no analysis or appreciation of Tommy's work in Deep Purple and very little of his solo albums. CTTB was dismissed as being "dismissed at the time" or some such. Yeah right! so the current Deep Purple has any artistic merit merely recirculating 1972 riffs for Heaven's sake??? AT LEAST Deep Purple Mk IV put the album 'out there' and, per my experience, put on some great shows so there! Believe it or not they were a contemporary act moving forward. . .

Really this is all too disappointing to write any further. There is no aim and nor is there any objective achieved here.

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